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Mean Ghouls 2.0

Action-Comedy Sequence

A remake of one of my favorite boards from 2020, when I first started learning how to storyboard.

This sequence was thought of as a 2D anime-style show with 3D camera moves.

100 Tampons (#Feboardary)

Musical Comedy Sequence

Storyboards I made for Feboardary 2022's theme "Musical"; based on astronaut and physicist Sally Ride's true story.
Song by Marcia Belsky

The Princess and the Frog

Comedy Sequence

A young princess wants to avoid an arranged marriage, so she goes to her fairy godmother for help.


Drama Sequence

I created a storyboard challenge for the animation community called "Board This in Your Style" (#BTIYS) and this is the sequence I made for my prompt.

Here is the information for the challenge in case someone would like to participate or create their own.

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